We need Lutheran Churches and Ministries in America that truly teach about and demonstrate the love, grace, sacrifice and compassion of Jesus Christ and the amazing and awesome and loving sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross to forgive us for our sins and give us a grace-filled, beautiful life and the promise of eternal life in Heaven. We need Lutheran Churches that teach about what it means to have faith in OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST and to have a relationship with JESUS. I envisioned such a church in February of 2016 - www.lutheranchurchofgrace.org -- and I pray again that God Our Heavenly Mother/Father and Jesus AND OTHBR SUPPORTIVE LUTHERANS AND CHRISTIANS  provide me with the blessings, resources and support to bring that church and the ministries -- www.amazinggraceministries.org, www.compassionfortheafflicted.com and www.jesushearts.org -- into existence and I pray that we re-ignite passion for these ministries that are so important to OUR HEARTS-- QUEEN/DR. DIANE K. OLSON'S HEART, FOLKS, AND KING/DR. JESUS C. NIELSEN'S HEART, WHICH ARE INTERTWINED AND WE ARE EQUALS IN THIS ENDEAVOR OF SHARING OUR LOVE AND INTELLECTUAL AND TEACHING PASSIONS -- WE ARE PHDS, FOLKS, WITH EXTENSIVE UNIVERSITY TEACHING EXPERIENCE, MORE THAN YOU CAN EVEN FATHOM OR IMAGINE, SO BACK UP AND WE WANT TO SHARE OUR LUTHERAN FAITH WITH THE WORLD/PLANET/EARTH THROUGH DR. DIANE K. OLSON'S MANY BLOGS AND THROUGH  THIS LUTHERAN CHURCH OF GRACE, SO BACK OFF YOUR HACKING OF THIS BEAUTIFUL, TRUTH-FILLED BLOG, BACK OFF HACKERS, SAYS DR. DIANE K. OLSON, TRUST ME, YOU WILL REWRITE AND RESTORE EACH AND EVERY POST THAT YOU HAVE MESSED WITH AND YOU WILL NOT MESS WITH ME AND JESUS ANYMORE BECAUSE I HAVE TAUGHT UNIVERSITY-LEVEL COMPOSITION STUDIES AND WRITING FOR OVER THIRTY YEARS -- SINCE I WAS EIGHTEEN YEARS OLD AND AN UNDERGRADUATE AT DRAKE UNIVERSITY IN CULTURAL STUDIES, CREATIVE WRITING AND COMPOSITION STUDIES WHERE I GRADUATED WITH HIGH HONORS -- IMAGINE THAT, FOLKS, A FOURTY-EIGHT YEAR OLD BRILLIANT UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR WHO HAS BEEN TEACHING CHRISTIAN DISCERNMENT FOR NEARLY THIRTY YEARS AND WHO HAS TAUGHT AT THREE MAJOR UNIVERSITIES IN THE UNITED STATES IN CHRISTIAN/LUTHERAN DISCERNMENT, CULTURAL STUDIES AND COMPOSITION STUDIES AND POETICS WHO NOW JOYFULLY YET SOMETIMES SADLY REIGNS WITH KING/DR. JESUS CHRIST NIELSEN IN OUR HOMES IN WDM, IOWA AND MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA AND ELSEWHERE IN THE USA AND ABROAD  ---  and are greatly needed in this world today. Please know that if you are suffering today, you have a Lord Jesus Christ, a Lordess Diane K. Olson and a Heavenly Mother/Father who love and care about you so greatly and even if your church does not teach you that, their love and care for you is everlasting, unshakeable and eternal, all because of what Jesus did for you on the Cross two thousand years ago by dying for your sins and transgressions,  and all that the Lutheran Faith and Lutheran Church of Grace requires is that you have faith and trust in that great love and amazing grace for you and what Jesus did on the cross for you to forgive you for your sins and heal you of your brokenness. We serve an amazing and awesome God in Jesus Christ who stands above all things and is our healer and our provider and is just an awesome and amazing Lord and Savior and he carries you in his everlasting arms when you are hurting and broken and heals you through your faith in His awe-inspiring, awesome sacrifice of his life on the cross. I pray again that Our Almighty Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus provide me with the resources and blessings that are necessary to bring these ministries -- for the afflicted and the children who do not yet know Jesus and the broken-hearted -- all who our Lord cares deeply about and loves beyond measure and wants us to love and show compassion for, per His GREAT COMMANDMENT THAT WE LOVE ONE ANOTHER AND SHOW COMPASSION TO ONE ANOTHER LIKE JESUS LOVES US. This is the commandment that Jesus gave that exceeds all the other commandments because loving one another and showing compassion to one another and being ministers of God's Love and Grace to the world around us is the most important thing that we can do in this world and is what Our Almighty Heavenly Father wills for us to do for one another. I pray again today also that Jesus and Our Heavenly Father make me into that beautiful minister for their love and grace in the world and let me serve the people who are hurting, broken-hearted and afflicted and who do not yet know about Jesus' great love for them as their Lord and Savior. IN JESUS' COMPASSIONATE, LOVING, GRACIOUS, HOLY AND BEAUTIFUL NAME. LOVE ALWAYS, QUEEN/DR. DIANE K. OLSON AND KING/DR. JESUS CHRIST NIELSEN, UNITED IN HOLY MATRIMONY ON FEBRUARY 15th, 2018 AND THAT IS AN UNBREAKABLE MATRIMONY AND A HOLY, BLESSED UNION THAT WILL NOT BE TAMPERED WITH BY ANYONE, SO HONOR AND RESPECT OUR PRIVACY ABD HUMAN RIGHTS, WHICH ARE IN THE HOLY GOSPELS AND ALSO ACCORDING TO THE GENEVA CONVENTIONS, THE UNITED STATE CONSTITUTION, THE BILL OF RIGHTS AND THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE. ENOUGH SAID FOR TODAY, MORE ON THIS HOLY, RIGHTEOUS, ALL-LOVING AND DEEPLY COMPASSIONATE BLOG IN THE NEAR FUTURE. LOVE ALWAYS, DIANE AND JESUS, WHO ADORE ALL OF HUMANITY AND HAVE GREAT COMPASSION FOR YOU WHEN YOU SUFFER BECAUSE WE, DIANE AND JESUS, KNOW WHAT IT IS LIKE TO SUFFER AT THE HANDS OF UNGODLY, OPPRESSIVE INSTITUTIONS AND WE ARE HERE ON THIS EARTH TO LIBERATE YOU FROM YOUR OPPRESSIVE CIRCUMSTANCE AND PRESENT TO YOU GOD ALMIGHTY HEAVENLY MOTHER/FATHER'S GLORIOUS, BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING VISION FOR THE FUTURE PLANET EARTH AND HUMANITY -- ALL GOD'S OPPRESSED, SAD, HUMBLE, MEEK CHILDREN OUT THERE -- WHO ARE DEARLY LOVED AND CARED FOR BY THEIR ALMIGHTY HEAVENLY MAMA/MOTHER AND HEAVENLY PAPA/FATHER. LOVE ALWAYS, AGAIN, DIANE KAY AND JESUS CHRIST  


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